Supply of Frond Scour Protection Systems and Services
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In January 2013, PTKEMENANGAN supplied Frond Scour Protection Systems and Services by Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) to Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java. (PHE ONWJ)
Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialized scour protection systems for the protection and stabilization of subsea installation.
What is scour and what causes it?
Seabed soil types and a combination of current, tidal and wave forces combine to create an environment which leads to seabed sediment being lifted and transported.
The result is the natural depletion of soil in one area and its aggradation in another.
This natural occurrence known as scour, or erosion, is exacerbated when objects are placed on the seabed, such as pipelines, platforms, protection structures, umbilicals and cables.

Local Scour

Any fixed subsea installation will disrupt tidal flow, causing the current to first decelerate in advance of it then accelerate beyond it, to form vortices and eddies which cause sediment to be scoured, i.e. lifted from the seabed and transported.
How the SSCS Frond System Works
The SSCS Frond System comprises continuous lines of overlapping buoyant polypropylene fronds that when activated create a viscous drag barrier that significantly reduces current velocity. The frond lines are secured to a polyester webbing mesh base that is itself secured to the seabed by anchors pre-attached to the mesh base by polyester webbing lines.
The action of reducing current velocity immediately prevents seabed sediment in the immediate area of the fronds from being transported i.e. ‘scoured out’, and causes sediment transported across the fronded area to fall into, and collect, within the fronds.
By reducing current flow the SSCS Frond Systems prevent scour from occurring and rectify scour by reversing the effects that cause it.

A planned and selective deployment of the Frond Systems will immediately prevent and remedy scour, and provide permanent scour protection.

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Pada Januari 2013, PTKEMENANGAN mensuplai Frond Scour Protection Systems (Sistem Perlindungan Erosi) buatan Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) ke Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java. (PHE ONWJ)
Seabed Scour Control Systems Limited (SSCS) adalah salah satu produsen dan designer terbaik di dunia untuk sistem perlindungan erosi untuk perlindungan dan stabilisasi instalasi bawah laut. 
Apa yang menyebabkan erosi?
Jenis-jenis dasar laut dan gabungan efek kekuatan arus, ombak dan pasang-surut laut menyebabkan lingkungan dimana sedimentasi di dasar laut terangkat dan terbawa arus air.
Ini menyebabkan pengurangan tanah di dasar laut di satu daerah dan agradasi di daerah lainnya.
Peristiwa alami ini dinamakan erosi, dan efeknya bertambah buruk di tempat-tempat dimana berada benda-benda seperti pipa, platform, kabel dan lainnya.
Benda apapun yang dipasang di dasar laut akan menganggu arus pasang-surut, mengakibatkan arus air melambat sebelum melewati benda tersebut, dan mempercepat setelah melewati benda itu, membentuk pusaran. Hal ini menyebabkan sedimen di dasar laut tereorsi.
Bagaimana SSCS Frond System bekerja.
The SSCS Frond System  terdiri dari deretan “rumput laut” buatan ringan dari bahan polypropylene yang saling tumpang tindih. Pada saat bekerja, sistem ini menyebabkan kecepatan arus laut berkurang banyak. Rumput ini diamankan oleh jala/jaring polyester yang ditanam ke dasar laut oleh jangkar.
Dengan mengurangi kecepatan arus air ini, erosi sedimen dasar laut di sekitar “Rumput Laut” itu dapat dicegah.


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